A scaffold multi-module project created by Spring Cloud


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With the development of the micro services, there are a lot of frameworks we should study. But when we create a project it always the same to integrate the refs of all the dependencies. Mostly, what we want is to use them but to do the duplicate things. So I create a scaffold of Spring Cloud to use and study Spring Cloud frameworks for coders. And you can use it develop your projects fast.

For Who:information_desk_person:

It’s a scaffold project for everyone who want to create a Spring Cloud stuff quickly.

Quick Start:new:


Because this is a Java project, if you have not developed java projects or some other relevant experience you may need start from RUNOOB.

And then you should learn about creating a java web project.

Relevantly, mysql, Redis, docker, maven, etc. Learn more if you can.

Now Start It:beginner:

Start locally:house:

  1. Install MySQL locally and remember your username and password, also port(default 3306)

  2. Install Redis, same note as last step

  3. Install maven, if you are in China, use Alibaba’s mirror will be faster:

     <name>aliyun maven</name>
  4. Clone from git [email protected]:Fatezhang/scaffold-cloud.git

  5. Make sure the configuration in your are correct.

  6. Start scaffold-eureka, for automically registration/discovery

  7. Start scaffold-tx-manager, for distributed transaction

  8. Start scaffold-business-sys-service, this is a basic module, others depends on it

  9. Start scaffold-operate

  10. Visit http://localhost:8750 , it's a CMS management platform

Start in docker:nut_and_bolt:

  1. Install maven
  2. Install docker,follow install guide
  3. If you get some issue with this: docker-compose: command not found install guide here:
  4. Go into the folder
  5. Run script ./.scripts/ to create docker images.
  6. Run script ./.scripts/ to start with docker-compose
  7. Visit http://localhost:8750 , it's a CMS management platform

The CMS management platform looks like this

home home


If you want to contribute this project, just rise issues or PRs to me. Thank you.