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Web3SDK provides the Java API for FISCO-BCOS. You can easily and quickly develop your blockchain applications based on the Web3SDK. The version only supports FISCO BCOS 2.0+.



Environmental requirements:

Compile web3sdk using the following command:

$ cd web3sdk
$ ./gradlew build

The artifact is located at:




spring boot starter for Web3SDK is available that demonstrates a number of core features, including:

Code Contribution

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The FISCO BCOS community is one of the most active open-source blockchain communities in China. It provides long-term technical support for both institutional and individual developers and users of FISCO BCOS. Thousands of technical enthusiasts from numerous industry sectors have joined this community, studying and using FISCO BCOS platform. If you are also interested, you are most welcome to join us for more support and fun.



All contributions are made under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE.