This is a plugin to help run games of UltraHardcore.

This plugin is developed for Spigot 1.8+ and Java 7+.

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This plugin offers multiple modules. Each module has an 'icon' in the UHC inventory that can be opened via /uhc or /uhc show

Example view of the inventory:

Example Inventory

Hovering over the icon will show the status + configuration of the module:

Example config

If you have permission and the module is disableable you can click on the icon to toggle the enabled status of the module. You will then need to click on a green piece of wool to confirm that you want to toggle the module to avoid misclicks.

List of modules provided by the plugin:

Each module has the a section in the config.yml like this:

    ... etc ..
    ... etc ...

All modules have a configuration option:

load: true

If this is set to false then the module is not even loaded on plugin startup and will not show up in the game. Use this to remove any modules you don't want to run at all.

Any disableable modules will also contain:

enabled: true 

This is the initial state to set the module to after loading. Any changes via the uhc command or via the conifg inventory will be saved to this option so changes are saved across saves/reloads.

There is also a list of weights:

  harddifficulty: 0
  healthregen: 40
  ghasttears: 20
  goldencarrotrecipe: 30

The modules are sorted by their weights inside the /uhc inventory. Modifying these numbers will modify the orders.

You can also add 'spacers' (fake empty space) into the inventory by modifying the spacers option:

spacers: []
- 10
- 30

Each number is a weight at which to place a spacer icon. NOTE the inventory can only handle up to 54 icons total (6*9)


Information on commands with flags

Message modification

A lot of messages sent by the plugin can be modified. Check out the documentation on message modification