Osm Go!

Mapping less frustrating!

Osm Go! is a Android application and a Progressive Web Applications for contributing to OpenStreetMap.

Map your environment simply and fast, directly from the app. Keep your eyes wide open and contribute to OSM while on the run.

You can install the PWA or just navigate on a web brower at osmgo.com

Get it on Google Play

The APK can be found in the release list of this repository

A short user documentation can be found here.


Osm Go! is a PWA application using Ionic 4 and Angular 8. It uses the map rendering engine Mapbox GL JS to display and run the in-app map.


1) Install npm dependencies globally

npm install -g ionic

2) Clone this repo and install

cd OsmGo
npm install

3) Test it in a browser

ng serve 

4) Build (=> ./www)

ng build --prod 


If you want to contribute to Osm Go! and make it better, your help is welcome !

  1. Create a personal fork of the project on Github.
  2. Clone your fork on your local machine
  3. Create a new branch to work on! Branch from develop (feature) or master (hotfix)
  4. Implement your feature and tests
  5. Push your branch to your fork on Github, the remote origin.
  6. From your fork open a pull request in the correct branch.

Interface translation

You can help me translate the app into other languages. The easiest way is to go through this app, and click on "translate Ui".