Enterprise Resource Planning for Distribution Companies

Setting Up

Database Setup

  1. Install MySQL

  2. Create user:devops with password:devopsdistilled

    CREATE USER 'devops'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'devopsdistilled';

  3. Log in to mysql with new user 'devops'

    mysql -u root -p'devopsdistilled';

  4. Create database with name OpERP


Server Setup

Download ServerApp

To initialize fresh Server without any data in the database, execute

java -jar ServerApp.jar-jar-with-dependencies.jar init

After initialization is done, ServerApp will have to run without any arguments

java -jar ServerApp.jar-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Client Setup

Download ClientApp

To run ClientApp, execute

java - jar ClientApp.jar-jar-with-dependencies.jar 'server-ip'

If ServerApp is running the same machine, 'server-ip` argument can be omitted.

java -jar ClientApp.jar-jar-with-dependencies.jar


DevOps Distilled

Adapting with your Needs