This is the live development repository for Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D database language.

If you wish to work with the source code, do this:

  1. Install a Java 13 JDK from (for example)

  2. Download Eclipse for Java Developers version 2019-06 or above.

  3. Run Eclipse.

  4. Go to "Preferences | Java | Installed JREs" and install the above JDK and set it to be the default.

  5. Install the JavaCC plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace.

  6. Right-click in the Package Explorer and select "Import | Git | Projects from Git" to clone this project.

  7. If you're developing on Windows or Linux, go to the DBrowser subproject and select "Properties | Java Build Path". Then:

    a) Select the "Projects" tab and remove the swtmacos Project and replace it with the swt\<arch> Project where \<arch> is linux or win depending on your development platform.

    b) Select the "Libraries" tab and remove the swt_reldb.jar and swt.jar library dependencies -- currently set to MacOS versions -- and replace them with swt_reldb.jar and swt.jar found in _Deployment/lib/swt/\<arch>, where \<arch> is linux_64 or win_64 depending on your development platform.

  8. Run DBrowser in the DBrowser subproject to launch the Rel graphical user interface.

You're ready to develop Rel.

For further information, see the Rel home page at

Ready-to-run distributions of Rel are available on SourceForge at

Read the _Deployment/README.txt file for further information on running Rel.

For support or to discuss Rel, see the Rel Forum at