A language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that provides basic support for GLSL language.

Current features:

Original code made by Yngve Devik Hammersland and Jean-Paul Balabanian.
Originally hosted on
Changes made with permissions from original authors by Jan Polák (Darkyen).

Licensed under GNU LGPL, see license file.

How to use

  1. Get the plugin
  2. Install plugin (Tested on IntelliJ CE 14, similar versions may work) (Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk)
  3. Create .glsl file or use language injections to treat a string literal as GLSL code.



  1. Clone (or download) this repository
  2. Create Intellij project in this directory with Plugin module (Make sure you have official Plugin DevKit installed)
    • Easiest way might be to first create an empty project in glsl4idea folder and then create a Intellij Platform Plugin module from same folder
  3. File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> Right-click the resources directory -> Mark as Resources
  4. Build -> Prepare plugin for deployment -> You will be notified with plugin jar path


To test changes, there are some testing files in testfiles directory. You can also test on piglit, run to download and sort shaders for testing.