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Spring Data JPA EntityGraph

Life without spring-data-jpa-entity-graph

Spring Data JPA only supports EntityGraph through annotations.
Thus, for a repository method, you must select at most one EntityGraph before compilation.
This prevents you from choosing the best EntityGraph considering the runtime context :broken_heart:

Life with spring-data-jpa-entity-graph

Thanks to spring-data-jpa-entity-graph, you can choose EntityGraph at runtime!
This choice is elegantly made by passing EntityGraph, as an argument, to any Spring Data JPA repository method :heart_eyes:

// This will apply 'Product.brand' named EntityGraph to findByLabel
productRepository.findByLabel("foo", EntityGraphs.named("Product.brand"));

// This will apply "product(brand, category, maker(country))" dynamic EntityGraph to findByLabel
            // ProductEntityGraph was generated at compilation time

Now run to the documentation !


This library follows the Spring Data JPA versionning semantic.

spring-data-jpa branches Latest spring-data-jpa-entity-graph version Documentation
2.3.x Maven Central Latest 2.3.x documentation
2.2.x Maven Central Latest 2.2.x documentation
2.1.x Maven Central 2.1.x 2.1.x documentation
2.0.x Maven Central 2.0.x 2.0.x documentation
1.11.x Maven Central 1.11.x 1.11.x documentation
1.10.x Maven Central 1.10.x 1.10.x documentation

For example, if you were using spring-data-jpa 2.2.x in your project, you would need to select any spring-data-jpa-entity-graph 2.2.x. Thus spring-data-jpa-entity-graph 2.2.8 would be eligible.

"Making JPA Great Again" talk

This talk was given at Paris JUG in January 2019.

The slides are in english.
The video is in french:
Alt text


This project was created following the discussion in Spring Data Tracker issue DATAJPA-749 - Context enabled JPA 2.1 @EntityGraph .