Cava is moving to the Apache Software Foundation, under the name Apache Tuweni.

See for the latest source.

The website will be up at

Cava is now officially deprecated, and all future changes go to Apache Tuweni.

Cava: ConsenSys Core Libraries for Java (& Kotlin)

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In the spirit of Google Guava, Cava is a set of libraries and other tools to aid development of blockchain and other decentralized software in Java and other JVM languages.

It includes a low-level bytes library, serialization and deserialization codecs (e.g. RLP), various cryptography functions and primatives, and lots of other helpful utilities.

Cava is developed for JDK 1.8 or higher, and depends on various other FOSS libraries, including Guava.

Getting cava

Note that these libraries are experimental and are subject to change.

The libraries are published to ConsenSys bintray repository, synced to JCenter and Maven Central.

You can import all modules using the cava jar.

With Maven:


With Gradle: compile 'net.consensys.cava:cava:0.6.0' contains the list of modules and instructions to import them separately.

Build Instructions

To build, clone this repo and run with ./gradlew like so:

git clone --recursive
cd cava

After a successful build, libraries will be available in build/libs.