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An easy to use modern Java bytecode editor that abstracts away the complexities of Java programs. Recaf will automatically handle generation of stack frames and constant pool entries for you.


See the releases page for the latest build.


If you're just getting started with reverse-engineering in Java, read Then check the documentaiton pages.


Even if you're not a developer you can still contribute to Recaf. Reporting bugs and suggesting ideas is very helpful! Check out the contribution guide here for more information.

Setting up the project

Clone the repository via git clone

Open the project in an IDE or generate the build with maven.


  1. Import the project from the pom.xml
  2. Create a run configuration with the main class me.coley.recaf.Recaf

Without IDE:

  1. Execute build
    • Follow the prompt in the script to build the project.
  2. Run the generated build: java -jar target/recaf-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar

For additional information, join the Discord server ( and check the blog post on getting started.