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AEM Permission Management


APM (AEM Permission Management) is an AEM based tool focused on streamlining the permission configuration. It provides a rich UX console tailored for administrators. They can write human readable scripts that handle user/group creation/deletion and permissions application, both in bulk. Through it's flexible grammar, exposed API, and high extensibility it vastly improves permission-based implementations.



This page identifies the versions of Adobe Experience Manager with which a particular version of AEM Permission Management is compatible.

AEM 6.3 AEM 6.4 AEM 6.5
APM 5.x.x x
APM 4.x.x x x x
APM 3.2.x x
APM 3.1.x x
APM 3.0.x x

Getting started

To start using APM an AEM in version at least 6.3 is required. The latest AEM packages are available here. Download both packages cq-actions-msg-replication and apm, and install them using CRX Package Manager.

How to use

Open APM dashboard http://localhost:4502/apm.html, and start using the tool. For more information visit user guide.


What's new?

APM 5.0.0

How to contribute

See details in Contributing section


APM is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")

Commercial Support

Technical support can be made available if needed. Please contact us for more details.

We can: