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Hotel-Properties-Management-System Application

This project is designed and developed by Coder ACJHP.

Coder HPMS is hotels properties managing system application, operates independently of the operating system (Made by Java & Maven & Hibernate & Mysql & Jaspy Security) Easy to use, secure, simple user interface, understandable text with icons and every object colored. For now it's support 4 different languages ENGLISH, العربية, ESPANOL, TÜRKÇE and it composed from seven main and many side windows :

1- Main window

All windows will open on this scene, check your current user, date, €, $, £ exchange and weather as live from status bar, manage your application from menu bar exit, change user, update password, send email, open calculator, exchange, change user interface theme and etc..

2- Rooms interface

You can manage your all rooms in one page, just focus on the room you can read all information from tooltip text
and there is some shortcuts for quick checkin, set as clean, dirty, dnd and etc. show reservation, do checkout etc. */* for entrying the room just do one click on the room and manage it {posting, payment, customer detail etc.}

3- Guests window :

All your customers detail listed on this table you can search easly and fast your customers from this

4- Reservation window

Control all your reservation, hotel fullness, emptinees, wait list, cancelled list as persentage, search your reservation with date, referance number or agency referange number, create a new reservation with full details.

5- Blockade window

Check your all reservation for one week in single list with room datails and dates.

6- Rooms status manging window

Easily play with your room status from this page, set as clean, dirty, dnd single or plural

7- Cash desk window

Check your cash desk as difference currencies and report them.Add, delete payments

Login :

Main window :

Reservation window :

Blockade window :

Customers window :

Room cleaning window :

Cash desk window :

All rooms window :

Audit window :

Checkin window :

Interior of room window :

System log interior window :

All reservations window

Reporting Section

and more...

How to use?

Still not working? Just click and watch the video

For old versions!Video with English subtitle

Important :

About audit :

If you want to use Audit property you should never stop your database server because it's working with Event schedular in the database server. In every 18 hours event will update value of Audit from true to false than we can use Audit. Do not forget Audit is can only be done once in a day. Add this line in your database to create event : create event dailyAudit on schedule every 18 hour do update HotelSystemStatus set isAuditted = 0

Download newest version :

New Features v1.2.1 02/11/2017

New Features v1.3.1 21/11/2017

New Features v1.3.2 29/11/2017


Please read the license carefully.