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This repository contains the sources (Java actions) to be used by operations located inside the cloud-slang-content repository.

Common Integrations

Module Release Description
cs-alibaba Maven Central Integration with Alibaba Cloud
cs-amazon Maven Central Integration with Amazon AWS
cs-azure Maven Central Integration with Microsoft Azure
cs-commons Maven Central Common constants and utilities (numbers, collections, strings)
cs-couchbase Maven Central Integration with Couchbase
cs-microfocus-dca Maven Central Integration with Micro Focus DCA
cs-database Maven Central Database queries (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
cs-date-time Maven Central Date and Time actions
cs-dropbox Maven Central DropBox actions
cs-google Maven Central Integration with Google Cloud - Compute
cs-http-client Maven Central HTTP REST calls
cs-json Maven Central JSON parsing and manipulation actions
cs-lists Maven Central String list manipulation actions
cs-mail Maven Central Email actions
cs-powershell Maven Central PowerShell actions
cs-rft Maven Central Remote File Transfer actions
cs-ssh Maven Central SSH actions
cs-utilities Maven Central Utilities actions (Default if Empty)
cs-vmware Maven Central Integration with VMWare vCenter Server
cs-xml Maven Central XML parsing and manipulation actions

Open Source Project

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Content Actions Development Best Practices

Things to consider when developing new cs-actions


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