clickhouse-jdbc Build Status ClickHouse JDBC driver

This is a basic and restricted implementation of jdbc driver for ClickHouse. It has support of a minimal subset of features to be usable.



URL syntax: jdbc:clickhouse://<host>:<port>[/<database>], e.g. jdbc:clickhouse://localhost:8123/test

JDBC Driver Class:

additionally, if you have a few instances, you can use BalancedClickhouseDataSource.

Extended API

In order to provide non-JDBC complaint data manipulation functionality, proprietary API exists. Entry point for API is ClickHouseStatement#write() method.

Importing file into table

ClickHouseStatement sth = connection.createStatement();
    .write() // Write API entrypoint
    .table("default.my_table") // where to write data
    .option("format_csv_delimiter", ";") // specific param
    .data(new File("/path/to/file.csv"), ClickHouseFormat.CSV) // specify input

Configurable send

ClickHouseStatement sth = connection.createStatement();
    .sql("INSERT INTO default.my_table (a,b,c)")
    .data(new MyCustomInputStream(), ClickHouseFormat.JSONEachRow)
    .addDbParam(ClickHouseQueryParam.MAX_PARALLEL_REPLICAS, 2)

Send data in binary formatd with custom user callback

ClickHouseStatement sth = connection.createStatement();
sth.write().send("INSERT INTO test.writer", new ClickHouseStreamCallback() {
    public void writeTo(ClickHouseRowBinaryStream stream) throws IOException {
        for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
            stream.writeString("Name " + i);
ClickHouseFormat.RowBinary); // RowBinary or Native are supported

Compiling with maven

The driver is built with maven. mvn package -DskipTests=true

To build a jar with dependencies use

mvn package assembly:single -DskipTests=true

Build requirements

In order to build the jdbc client one need to have jdk 1.6 or higher.