Chisel 2

Chisel is a mod for Minecraft which adds aesthetic blocks to the game through the use of a chisel.

Originally created by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, it was ported to Minecraft 1.7.2 by asie, and maintained by Pokefenn during 1.7.10.

The second iteration of the mod contains loads of new blocks, new features like the autochisel and chisel modes, and lots of bugfixes.

It is maintained by Cricket, tterrag, warlordjones, Drullkus (Artist), and CptSpaceToaster.

Pull Requests

Pull requests with new features, translations, and bugfixes are very welcome. Please make sure to always submit PRs against the dev branch, not master.

Do not make PRs that are solely formatting or other aesthetic things.

If your PR is going to take a lot of work, it may be best to make an issue so we can discuss the feature before you create it.

See the CONTRIBUTING file for more details.

Issue Reporting

If you wish to report an issue with the mod, please submit one to the issue tracker in this repository. When creating an issue, please be sure to include:

Development Builds