Categorical Query Language

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Build and installation

Pre-built Binary

Java 11 Jar File (14MB)


For best results, compile using the Eclipse IDE.

A gradle file is provided, but is not maintained.

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Categorical Data IDE

AGPL 3 license for non-commercial use; contact us for commercial licenses.

Copyright (c) 2015+ Conexus AI, Inc. All rights reserved.

Contains binary distributions of

jparsec (Apache), JUNG (BSD), RSyntaxTextArea and autocomplete (BSD), Commons Generics, CSV, and Exec (Apache), OpenCSV (Apache), JFlex (BSD), H2 (Mozilla Public License or Eclipse Public License), JGraph (BSD), txtmark (Apache), commons-lang-3 (Apache), Google Guava (Apache), Gnu Trove (LGPL),

And a source distribution of