Android Samples (Java & Kotlin) of CARTO Mobile SDK

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Sample structure

  1. Hello Map
    • Basic sample of how to initialize a map, set a market on the map, listen to map clicks and change the color and size of that marker.
  2. Advanced Map
    • Base Maps
      • Base Maps - choice of different base maps, styles, tile type and language
    • Overlay Data Sources
      • Custom Raster Data Source - creating and using custom (merged) raster tile data source
      • Ground Overlay - Addoung ground-level raster overlay
      • WMS Map - WMS service raster on top of a vector base map
    • Vector Objects
      • Clustered Markers - reading data from .geojson and showing it as clusters (made from custom markers)
      • Overlays - shows how to set 2D &3D objects: lines, points, polygons, tests, popups and 3D models on the map and how to attach a click listener to them
      • Vector object editing - shows usage of an editable vector layer, with three different event listeners
    • Offline maps
      • Bundled Map - Shows usage of a numbled MBTiles file to display a map offline
      • Package Manager - Download offline map packaged with OSM
    • Other
      • Screencapture - Captures a rendered MapView as a Bitmap
      • Custom Popup - Creating and using custom popups
      • GPS Location - Shows user GPS location on the map
      • Offline Routing - Offline routing with OpenStreetMap data packages
  3. Carto Map
    • CARTO.js API
      • Countries Vis - Dislaying countries in different colors from a viz.json
      • Dots Vis - Showing specific dots on the map from a viz.json
      • Fonts Vis - Displaying text on the map from a viz.json
    • Maps API
      • Anonymous Raster Tile - Uses CARTO PostGIS raster data
      • Anonymous Vector Tile - Uses CARTO Maps API vector tiles
      • Named Map - CARTO data as vector tiles from a named map
    • SQL API
      • SQL Service - Displays cities on the map vis a SQL query
    • Torque API
      • CARTO Torque Map - Shows Torque tiels of WWII ship movement

Other Samples