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Very cool client.

Works on fabric 1.14 and 1.15 (but 1.14 is the current maintained version, also works on forge but that isn't supported anymore)

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For Normal People:

Download fabric for minecraft 1.14 OR 1.15
Download the lastest compiled version of bleachhack from the releases section
Put the jar in your mods foler

For 200iq People Who Want To Help The Project:

Download the project
Start A Command Prompt in the BleachHack-Fabric-(1.14/1.15) folder Generate the needed files for your preferred IDE.

Windows Users

gradlew genSources eclipse


gradlew genSources idea


Mark gradlew as executable

chmod +x ./gradlew

./gradlew genSources eclipse


./gradlew genSources idea

Start a new workspace in eclipse
Click File > Import... > Gradle > Gradle Project
Select the BleachHack-Fabric-(1.14/1.15) folder