Swagger-Promote has been refactored into a new APIM-CLI, which is more powerful and supports more flexible use-cases.

Checkout the new API-Manager CLI:

Swagger/WSDL based API promotion for Axway API-Manager V7

This project provides you with a tool that simplifies your DevOps experience with the Axway API-Manager Version 7.x.

The program works based on the API-Definition (as Swagger or a WSDL) + an API-Configuration-File and replicates this "state" into the API-Manager. Consider the API-Definition + API-Config as the "desired" state and API-Manager has the "actual" state. This program will compare both, the desired with the actual state, and performs all necessary actions to bring the API-Manager API into the desired state.

Watch this video (28 min): to get an overview + demo.

With that, an API-Developer is just providing the Swagger-File or WSDL (e.g. Code-Generated or using a Swagger-Editor) and the API-Config. When checked in, the CI/CD-Pipeline picks it up and replicates it into the API-Manager. This includes Zero-Downtime-Upgrade of existing applications, which might have an active subscription to an API. Learn more in the documentation.

API-Manager Swagger-Promote overview

Today the following API-Properties are already supported and can be controlled externally:

Improving the API-Development experience during the API-Design phase leveraging the Stoplight integration. Learn more.

Quality assurance process

By using Swagger Promote to control your Axway API management infrastructure it becomes a key component of your CI/CD process. Product quality is therefore very important so that you can be confident that Swagger Promote is doing what it's supposed to do.
To achieve this quality bar, Swagger-Promote was developed from the beginning in a way that it can be tested fully automatically. The test process consists of different scenarios, which contain various API-Desired states, which are transferred into Actual state by Swagger-Promote and finally checked if the Actual State in the API-Manager is correct.

With the most recent released version 1.6.5 the automated End-2-End test suite contains of 104 different scenarios, which includes more than 250 executions of Swagger-Promote (Import & Export) following each by a validation step. The test suite is executed at Travis CI for the following versions:

Version Branch Status Comment
7.6.2 SP2 test-with-7.6.2-SP2 Build Status
7.6.2 SP3 test-with-7.6.2-SP3 Build Status
7.6.2 SP4 develop Build Status
7.7 test-with-7.7 Build Status
7.7 SP1 test-with-7.7-SP1 Build Status
7.7 SP2 test-with-7.7-SP2 Build Status
7.7 20200130 test-with-7.7-20200130 Build Status
7.7 20200331 test-with-7.7-20200331 Build Status Also the March-Release works, but some of the Quota-Tests are a flaky.

Also version 7.5.3 is supported, but not fully automated tested.






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