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Bungee Chat Thread

A new way to send private, global or help messages and to do much more with chatting network wide!

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You can download all builds from:


We have created a wiki for this plugin to help you with various issues and problems. Check it out!

Issue Reporting

If you found a bug or are even experiencing a crash please report it so we can fix it. Please first check if a bug report for the issue already exists. If not just create a new issue and fill out the form.

Please include the following:

(When creating a new issue, please follow the template)

Feature Requests

If you want a new feature added, go ahead an open a new issue, remove the existing form and describe your feature the best you can. The more details you provide the easier, it will be implementing it.
You can also talk to us on Discord.

Developing with our Plugin

So you want to add support or even develop an add-on for our plugin? You can easily add our API to your development environment, read the API documentation.

Setting up a Workspace/Compiling from Source

Development builds

Between each official release, there are several bleeding edge development builds, which you can also use. But be aware that they might contain unfinished features and therefore won't work properly.

You can find the builds here: https://gitlab.aura-dev.team/AuraDev/BungeeChat2/pipelines

On the right is a download symbol, click that, a dropdown menu will open. Select "build". Then, you'll download a zip file containing all artifacts including the plugin jar.

PGP Signing

All files will be signed with PGP.
The public key to verify it can be found in misc/publicKey.asc. The signatures of the files will also be found in the maven.


Bungee Chat 2 is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0


Getting Support

If you need help with anything, want to discuss issues or suggestions, or just want to say hi, you can visit our Discord Server (https://discord.me/bungeechat).

Supporting us!

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We are developing this plugin (and others!) as well as providing constant support for all our plugins free of charge so that as many people as possible can use it! Since it is still a lot of work we would really appreciate it if you could support us on Patreon!

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