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Eagle Factions

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Eagle Faction is a factions/war plugin for SpongeForge. You can simply create factions and claim territories by using power. Yes! Power! Just like in the original factions plugin made for Bukkit (and Spigot).

Eagle Factions offers you some additional features which will allow you to adjust gamestyle on your Minecraft Server for your own preferences. Land protection while faction is offline, ability to attack someone's claim, Eagle's Feather are few of them.

Check our Wiki to get to know how everything works.

Feel free to send me your feedback! :grin:

If you find any issues while using Eagle Factions or you want to share your thoughts on what could be added, post them at Github

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Eagle Factions provides support for translations. In other words, it is possible to change plugin messages to your own language.

You can see all available translations here.

If there is no translation for your language you can make your own and add it as a pull request.


Credits / Thanks

Plugin author: Aquerr

Logo by: joxuk

Many thanks to:

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this project and were using it!

Many thanks for the inspiration to: Polis, MCClans & Massivecraft's Factions!




Creation of this plugin is really a time consuming task. If you would like to support me then you can star this repo or send me some cookies through PayPal.