A truly open sourced launcher app, based on the same launcher app that comes with Android.

Notes about the launcher


Well, it's the "Launcher3" based launcher, so... anyway here is a sample animation:



What I'd like this launcher to be is :


This project was imported from the official Android "Launcher3" app (from here), by following the instructions written here.

If you wish to import the "Launcher3" app too, or you wish to upgrade the one here, you can follow those steps that I've made:

  1. clone the "Launcher3" project from here .

  2. Note the "protos/backup.proto" folder. you need to compile it using "protoc" tool. get the latest one from here (or stable one from here), and run this command on the cloned folder:

    protoc --javanano_out=src/ -I protos protos/backup.proto

    This should create a file , which you'll need to use.

  3. Since there are going to be some conflicts in java files, move all of the "wallpaperPicker" java files (in "src" folder) into the main folder.

  4. Get the "proto-nano" library and use it within the project. You can get the latest one here (search for "protobuf-javanano...") .

  5. import the projects into Eclipse, and make the main one use the "wallpaperPicker" project as an Android library project.

  6. Errors fixing time. Fix all errors that you find.

  7. Run the app on the emulator/device. If you wish to see what I got on this phase, the original project folder before converting to Android-Studio is on the repository.

  8. You can try to convert it to Android-Studio project (yes, this phase also takes time).

Why I've made this project

Well, here are some of the reasons: