Alfresco Remote API

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Remote API is a library packaged as a jar file which is part of Alfresco Content Services Repository. The library contains the following:

Building and testing

The project can be built by running Maven command:

mvn clean install

The tests are combined in test classes split by test type or Spring application context used in the test, see classes in src/test/java/org/alfresco. All of these classes as well as individual tests can be run by specifying the test class name and a set of DB connection properties, for example:

mvn clean test -Dtest=SomeTest -Ddb.driver=org.postgresql.Driver -Ddb.url=jdbc:postgresql:alfresco -Ddb.username=alfresco -Ddb.password=alfresco


The artifacts can be obtained by:

Contributing guide

Please use this guide to make a contribution to the project.