NetBeans IDE plugin supporting programming with Spring Boot.

Requirements and Installation

This plugin requires NetBeans 8.2 or above running on JDK 8 or above.

To perform a manual install download the desired nbm package from the releases page , go to Tools > Plugins > Downloaded and click the Add Plugins... button. Choose the downloaded nbm package file then click Install.

The plugin may be available in the Plugin Portal Update Center thus it can be downloaded and installed trough Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins. Please note that new releases become available on the Update Center after they are verified by the folks at the NetBeans Plugin Portal. Note that current NetBeans Plugin Portal (http://plugins.netbeans.org) is undergoing migration at Apache Foundation. A new plugin portal is being set-up (currently at http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/pluginportal but subject to change) and may become the new official source of plugins.


Issues and Documentation

Bug tracking: GitHub Issues

Getting Started: Quick Tour

Reference: GitHub Wiki


The plugin and its source code are licensed under Apache 2.0 license.


Completion of Spring Boot configuration properties feature is based on Keevosh plugin.

Templates and code generators were inspired by those found on Spring Boot Tools 4 NetBeans.

Requestmappings navigator panel feature contributed by Michael Simons.

Badge on projects icon feature initially contributed by Hector Espert.


See the separate file