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Android client for accessing API and content of site

Basically this means that this is a convenient tool for any Linux enthusiast familiar with man pages. It provides a fast way to search, browse and save man pages on your android device.



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I consider this app as stable now, so if you want any additional features to be included, please create an enhancement issue here

Local archive

You may wonder what's the hosting from which local archive is taken. In fact, it's same old Github. Content of the archive is assembled just by zipping manpage directory of Archlinux at nearly 2016-08-16. The archive in question is accessible from here, application just downloads it if requested.

P.S. Regarding offline mode

While current implementation lacks some important features, I'd like to clarify on how to properly organize directory structure for this to work. Basically this is identical to how Linux distributions place their man files in /usr/share/man directory. The structure of directories you should point a scanner too should look like this:

├── man1
│   ├── chage.1.gz
│   ├── checkXML.1.gz
│   ├── checkXML5.1.gz
│   ├── expiry.1.gz
│   ├── gpasswd.1.gz
│   ├── swappo.1.gz
│   └── xml2pot.1.gz
├── man3
│   ├── getspnam.3.gz
│   └── shadow.3.gz
├── man5
│   ├── faillog.5.gz
│   └── suauth.5.gz
├── man6
│   └── kpat.6.gz
├── man7
│   ├── qt5options.7.gz
│   └── qtoptions.7.gz
└── man8
    ├── chgpasswd.8.gz
    ├── userdel.8.gz
    └── usermod.8.gz

Man Man will recursively scan all the nested dirs and find appropriate (i.e. gzipped TROFF format) files