SocialAuth Android is an Android version of popular SocialAuth Java library. Now you do not need to integrate multiple SDKs if you want to integrate your application with multiple social networks. You just need to add few lines of code after integrating the SocialAuth Android library in your app. The API enables user authentication and sharing updates through different various social networks and hides all the intricacies of generating signatures & token, doing security handshakes and provide an easy mechanism to build cool social apps. With this library, you can:

Whats new in Version 3.2 ?

Whats new in Version 3.1 ?

Whats new in Version 3.0 ?

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Check Getting Started to start.

How does it Work?

Once SocialAuth Android is integrated into your application, following is the authentication process:


SocialAuth Android is distrubuted under MIT License.

About this project

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SocialAuth Android is developed and maintained by 3Pillar Global.