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Welcome to TofuCraftReload, TofuCraft mod in 1.12.2 Minecraft.

TofuCraft is a mod that all about tofu.

You need to get Soybeans to start your tofu-maker journey.

Pick weeds to find soybeans' seeds, and cultivate them the same as wheat or carrots.

Craft Salt Furnace to get salt, and use it to make tofu.

Besides, you will get a brand new Tofu World to explore!

TofuCraft Reload 是 TofuCraft 的 1.12.2 重制版。

和你玩过的豆腐工艺模组一样,TofuCraft Reload 的玩法也是制作豆腐和探索豆腐世界。

目前模组包含各种豆腐系列食物、豆腐系列工具,以及全新的豆腐世界和豆腐 Boss。


模组仍在开发中,游玩时请注意备份存档,如遇到 Bug 请在此 发布 Issue,或到 MCBBS 帖子 下留言。

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