07Kit - Open Source OSRS client

An open-source client for OldSchool RuneScape that's designed to be extensible. The plugin system and API make it a breeze to build new plugins and integrate with 3rd party services, allowing you to extend the functionality of the client.

Getting started

To get started simply download the latest release of 07Kit from the releases tab. Launching it should be as simple as double-clicking the downloaded file.

If you run into any issues while using 07Kit or have some feedback feel free to log an issue here, so we can keep track of what needs to be worked on.


Simply clone this repository and import the project into your favourite IDE (we recommend IntelliJ IDEA). You should be able to compile and run it right away. Documentation for the development of plugins will be added to a Wiki over the next few weeks.

Join us on Discord

We also have a Discord dedicated to the users and developers of 07Kit. You can join our Discord by clicking here.

See you soon!