package core.framework.internal.db;

import core.framework.internal.resource.PoolItem;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.sql.SQLTimeoutException;

 * @author neo
final class Connections {
    static void checkConnectionState(PoolItem<Connection> connection, SQLException e) {
        String state = e.getSQLState();
        // for state starts with "08"
        // refer to com.mysql.jdbc.integration.c3p0.MysqlConnectionTester, and standard sql state list:
        // for state: S1009
        // refer to com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.SQLExceptionsMapping.translateException() and com.mysql.cj.exceptions.MysqlErrorNumbers.SQL_STATE_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT
        // MySQL jdbc connector will translate "statement is closed" and other errors to "S1009"
        if (state != null && (state.startsWith("08") || "S1009".equals(state))) {
            connection.broken = true;

        // if query timeout, com.mysql.cj.CancelQueryTaskImpl sends "KILL QUERY" to mysql server in cancel task thread
        // and as result, in current thread it triggers com.mysql.cj.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.handleCleanup with whyCleanedUp = com.mysql.cj.exceptions.CJCommunicationsException: Communications link failure, The last packet successfully received from the server was x milliseconds ago.
        // so for query timeout, the connection needs to be marked as broken and close,
        // otherwise when other thread retrieves this connection, will encounter "statement is already closed" exception
        if (e instanceof SQLTimeoutException) {
            connection.broken = true;