* This software is released as part of the Pumpernickel project.
 * All com.pump resources in the Pumpernickel project are distributed under the
 * MIT License:
 * https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mickleness/pumpernickel/master/License.txt
 * More information about the Pumpernickel project is available here:
 * https://mickleness.github.io/pumpernickel/
package com.pump.swing;

import java.awt.Color;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.Locale;
import java.util.Objects;

import javax.accessibility.Accessible;
import javax.accessibility.AccessibleContext;
import javax.accessibility.AccessibleRole;
import javax.swing.JComponent;
import javax.swing.UIDefaults;
import javax.swing.UIManager;
import javax.swing.colorchooser.ColorSelectionModel;
import javax.swing.colorchooser.DefaultColorSelectionModel;

import com.pump.plaf.PaletteUI;

public class JPalette extends JComponent implements Accessible {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	public static class AccessibleColor extends Color {
		private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

		String name;

		public AccessibleColor(int rgb, String name) {
			this.name = name;

		public String getName(Locale locale) {
			// TODO: properly localize the name when requested
			return name;

		public String toString() {
			return "AccessibleColor[red=" + getRed() + ", green=" + getGreen()
					+ ", blue=" + getBlue() + ", name="
					+ getName(Locale.getDefault()) + "]";

		private void writeObject(java.io.ObjectOutputStream out)
				throws IOException {


		private void readObject(java.io.ObjectInputStream in)
				throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException {
			int internalVersion = in.readInt();
			if (internalVersion == 0) {
				name = (String) in.readObject();
			} else {
				throw new IOException(
						"Unsupported internal version: " + internalVersion);

	 * Return a 9 column by 6 row color grid where the last two columns are
	 * white-to-black and a column of brown, and all remaining columns are a hue
	 * from light-to-dark.
	 * @return
	public static Color[][] get54Colors() {
		return new Color[][] {
				{ new Color(0xffc3bf), new Color(0xffe3bf), new Color(0xf8ffbf),
						new Color(0xbfffc6), new Color(0xbff8ff),
						new Color(0xc6bfff), new Color(0xffbff8),
						new Color(0xffffff), new Color(0xfff2d5) },
				{ new Color(0xff7b73), new Color(0xffc173), new Color(0xefff73),
						new Color(0x73ff82), new Color(0x73efff),
						new Color(0x8273ff), new Color(0xff73ef),
						new Color(0xcccccc), new Color(0xd2c5aa) },
				{ new Color(0xff3226), new Color(0xff9f26), new Color(0xe7ff26),
						new Color(0x26ff3e), new Color(0x26e7ff),
						new Color(0x3e26ff), new Color(0xff26e7),
						new Color(0x999999), new Color(0xa49880) },
				{ new Color(0xf80e00), new Color(0xf88a00), new Color(0xdcf800),
						new Color(0x00f81c), new Color(0x00dcf8),
						new Color(0x1c00f8), new Color(0xf800dc),
						new Color(0x666666), new Color(0x776c55) },
				{ new Color(0xbf0b00), new Color(0xbf6a00), new Color(0xaabf00),
						new Color(0x00bf15), new Color(0x00aabf),
						new Color(0x1500bf), new Color(0xbf00aa),
						new Color(0x333333), new Color(0x493f2b) },
				{ new Color(0x4e0400), new Color(0x4e2b00), new Color(0x454e00),
						new Color(0x004e09), new Color(0x00454e),
						new Color(0x09004e), new Color(0x4e0045),
						new Color(0x000000), new Color(0x1c1200) } };

	 * Return a 15 column by 10 row color grid where the last column is
	 * white-to-black and the other columns feature a hue from light-to-dark.
	public static Color[][] get150Colors() {
		return new Color[][] { { new Color(0xffcfcf), new Color(0xffe4cf),
				new Color(0xfff9cf), new Color(0xf0ffcf), new Color(0xdcffcf),
				new Color(0xcfffd6), new Color(0xcfffeb), new Color(0xcffeff),
				new Color(0xcfeaff), new Color(0xcfd5ff), new Color(0xddcfff),
				new Color(0xf2cfff), new Color(0xffcff7), new Color(0xffcfe3),
				new Color(0xffffff) },
				{ new Color(0xffa2a1), new Color(0xffcaa1), new Color(0xfff3a1),
						new Color(0xe3ffa1), new Color(0xbaffa1),
						new Color(0xa1ffaf), new Color(0xa1ffd8),
						new Color(0xa1feff), new Color(0xa1d5ff),
						new Color(0xa1adff), new Color(0xbda1ff),
						new Color(0xe5a1ff), new Color(0xffa1f0),
						new Color(0xffa1c8), new Color(0xefefef) },
				{ new Color(0xff7573), new Color(0xffb173), new Color(0xffed73),
						new Color(0xd5ff73), new Color(0x99ff73),
						new Color(0x73ff89), new Color(0x73ffc5),
						new Color(0x73fdff), new Color(0x73c1ff),
						new Color(0x7385ff), new Color(0x9d73ff),
						new Color(0xd973ff), new Color(0xff73e9),
						new Color(0xff73ad), new Color(0xcfcfcf) },
				{ new Color(0xff4845), new Color(0xff9745), new Color(0xffe745),
						new Color(0xc7ff45), new Color(0x77ff45),
						new Color(0x45ff62), new Color(0x45ffb2),
						new Color(0x45fcff), new Color(0x45adff),
						new Color(0x455dff), new Color(0x7d45ff),
						new Color(0xcc45ff), new Color(0xff45e2),
						new Color(0xff4592), new Color(0xafafaf) },
				{ new Color(0xff1a17), new Color(0xff7e17), new Color(0xffe117),
						new Color(0xb9ff17), new Color(0x56ff17),
						new Color(0x17ff3b), new Color(0x17ff9f),
						new Color(0x17fcff), new Color(0x1798ff),
						new Color(0x1735ff), new Color(0x5d17ff),
						new Color(0xc017ff), new Color(0xff17db),
						new Color(0xff1777), new Color(0x8f8f8f) },
				{ new Color(0xfc0400), new Color(0xfc7000), new Color(0xfcdc00),
						new Color(0xb1fc00), new Color(0x45fc00),
						new Color(0x00fc28), new Color(0x00fc94),
						new Color(0x00f9fc), new Color(0x008dfc),
						new Color(0x0020fc), new Color(0x4c00fc),
						new Color(0xb800fc), new Color(0xfc00d5),
						new Color(0xfc0069), new Color(0x6f6f6f) },
				{ new Color(0xe80300), new Color(0xe86700), new Color(0xe8ca00),
						new Color(0xa2e800), new Color(0x3fe800),
						new Color(0x00e824), new Color(0x00e888),
						new Color(0x00e5e8), new Color(0x0081e8),
						new Color(0x001ee8), new Color(0x4600e8),
						new Color(0xa900e8), new Color(0xe800c4),
						new Color(0xe80060), new Color(0x4f4f4f) },
				{ new Color(0xbf0300), new Color(0xbf5500), new Color(0xbfa700),
						new Color(0x86bf00), new Color(0x34bf00),
						new Color(0x00bf1e), new Color(0x00bf70),
						new Color(0x00bdbf), new Color(0x006bbf),
						new Color(0x0019bf), new Color(0x3900bf),
						new Color(0x8b00bf), new Color(0xbf00a1),
						new Color(0xbf004f), new Color(0x2f2f2f) },
				{ new Color(0x820200), new Color(0x823a00), new Color(0x827100),
						new Color(0x5b8200), new Color(0x238200),
						new Color(0x008214), new Color(0x00824c),
						new Color(0x008082), new Color(0x004882),
						new Color(0x001182), new Color(0x270082),
						new Color(0x5f0082), new Color(0x82006e),
						new Color(0x820036), new Color(0x0f0f0f) },
				{ new Color(0x300100), new Color(0x301500), new Color(0x302a00),
						new Color(0x223000), new Color(0x0d3000),
						new Color(0x003008), new Color(0x00301c),
						new Color(0x003030), new Color(0x001b30),
						new Color(0x000630), new Color(0x0f0030),
						new Color(0x230030), new Color(0x300029),
						new Color(0x300014), new Color(0x000000) }


	 * The <a href="https://flatuicolors.com/palette/defo">Flat UI Palette
	 * v1</a> is a 6x4 color grid.
	public static AccessibleColor[][] getFlatUIColors() {
		return new AccessibleColor[][] {
				{ new AccessibleColor(0x1abc9c, "Turquoise"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x2ecc71, "Emerald"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x3498db, "Peter River"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x9b59b6, "Amethyst"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x34495e, "Wet Asphalt") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0x16a085, "Green Sea"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x27ae60, "Nephritis"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x2980b9, "Belize Hole"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x8e44ad, "Wisteria"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x2c3e50, "Midnight Blue") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0xf1c40f, "Sunflower"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xe67e22, "Carrot"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xe74c3c, "Alizarin"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xecf0f1, "Clouds"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x95a5a6, "Concrete") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0xf39c12, "Orange"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xd35400, "Pumpkin"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xc0392b, "Pomegranate"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xbdc3c7, "Silver"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x7f8c8d, "Asbestos") } };

	 * The <a href="https://www.materialui.co/metrocolors">Metro Colors</a> are
	 * a 5x4 grid based on "flat design and modern colors". Metro is the
	 * nickname of MDL (Microsoft Design Language).
	public static AccessibleColor[][] getMetroColors() {
		return new AccessibleColor[][] {
				{ new AccessibleColor(0xa4c400, "Lime"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x60a917, "Green"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x008a00, "Emerald"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x00aba9, "Teal"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x1ba1e2, "Cyan") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0x0050ef, "Cobalt"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x6a00ff, "Indigo"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xaa00ff, "Violet"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xf472d0, "Pink"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xd80073, "Magenta") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0xa20025, "Crimson"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xe51400, "Red"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xfa6800, "Orange"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xf0a30a, "Amber"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xe3c800, "Yellow") },
				{ new AccessibleColor(0x825a2c, "Brown"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x6d8764, "Olive"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x647687, "Steel"),
						new AccessibleColor(0x76608a, "Mauve"),
						new AccessibleColor(0xa0522d, "Sienna") } };

	 * The <a href="https://fluentcolors.com/">Fluent Design Colors</a> are an
	 * 8x6 color grid described as:
	 * <p>
	 * <blockquote>Fluent Design System (codenamed Project Neon), officially
	 * unveiled as Microsoft Fluent Design System, is a design language
	 * developed in 2017 by Microsoft. Fluent Design is a revamp of Microsoft
	 * Design Language 2 that will include guidelines for the designs and
	 * interactions used within software designed for all Windows 10 devices and
	 * platforms.
	 * The system is based on five key components: Light, Depth, Motion,
	 * Material, and Scale. The new design language will include more prominent
	 * use of motion, depth, and translucency effects. The transition to Fluent
	 * is a long-term project with no specific target for completion, but
	 * elements of the new design language have been incorporated into selected
	 * apps since the Creators Update. It will have wider usage in the Fall
	 * Creators Update, but Microsoft has stated that the design system will not
	 * be finished within the timeframe of Fall Creators Update.
	 * Microsoft announced Fluent Design on 11 May 2017, at the Build conference
	 * for developers.</blockquote>
	public static Color[][] getFluentColors() {
		return new Color[][] {
				{ new Color(0xFFB900), new Color(0xE74856), new Color(0x0078D7),
						new Color(0x0099BC), new Color(0x7A7574),
						new Color(0x767676) },
				{ new Color(0xFF8C00), new Color(0xE81123), new Color(0x0063B1),
						new Color(0x2D7D9A), new Color(0x5D5A58),
						new Color(0x4C4A48) },
				{ new Color(0xF7630C), new Color(0xEA005E), new Color(0x8E8CD8),
						new Color(0x00B7C3), new Color(0x68768A),
						new Color(0x69797E) },
				{ new Color(0xCA5010), new Color(0xC30052), new Color(0x6B69D6),
						new Color(0x038387), new Color(0x515C6B),
						new Color(0x4A5459) },
				{ new Color(0xDA3B01), new Color(0xE3008C), new Color(0x8764B8),
						new Color(0x00B294), new Color(0x567C73),
						new Color(0x647C64) },
				{ new Color(0xEF6950), new Color(0xBF0077), new Color(0x744DA9),
						new Color(0x018574), new Color(0x486860),
						new Color(0x525E54) },
				{ new Color(0xD13438), new Color(0xC239B3), new Color(0xB146C2),
						new Color(0x00CC6A), new Color(0x498205),
						new Color(0x847545) },
				{ new Color(0xFF4343), new Color(0x9A0089), new Color(0x881798),
						new Color(0x10893E), new Color(0x107C10),
						new Color(0x7E735F) }, };

	private static final String uiClassID = "PaletteUI";

	public static final String PROPERTY_CELL_WIDTH = JPalette.class.getName()
			+ "#cellWidth";
	public static final String PROPERTY_CELL_HEIGHT = JPalette.class.getName()
			+ "#cellHeight";
	 * This client property resolves to a matrix of Colors.
	public static final String PROPERTY_COLORS = JPalette.class.getName()
			+ "#colors";

	public static final String PROPERTY_SELECTION_MODEL = JPalette.class
			.getName() + "#selectionModel";

	public JPalette() {

	public JPalette(Color[][] colors) {
		this(colors, 10);

	public JPalette(Color[][] colors, int cellSize) {
		setColorSelectionModel(new DefaultColorSelectionModel());

	public void setColors(Color[][] colors) {
		putClientProperty(PROPERTY_COLORS, clone(colors));

	public Color[][] getColors() {
		Color[][] colors = (Color[][]) getClientProperty(PROPERTY_COLORS);
		if (colors == null)
			return new Color[][] {};
		return clone(colors);

	private Color[][] clone(Color[][] c) {
		Color[][] r = new Color[c.length][];
		for (int a = 0; a < c.length; a++) {
			r[a] = new Color[c[a].length];
			System.arraycopy(c[a], 0, r[a], 0, c[a].length);
		return r;

	public void setColorSelectionModel(ColorSelectionModel model) {
		putClientProperty(PROPERTY_SELECTION_MODEL, model);

	public ColorSelectionModel getColorSelectionModel() {
		return (ColorSelectionModel) getClientProperty(

	public void updateUI() {
		if (UIManager.getDefaults().get(uiClassID) == null) {
			UIManager.getDefaults().put(uiClassID, "com.pump.plaf.PaletteUI");
		setUI((PaletteUI) UIManager.getUI(this));

	public PaletteUI getUI() {
		return (PaletteUI) ui;

	public void setUI(PaletteUI ui) {

	 * Returns a string that specifies the name of the L&amp;F class that
	 * renders this component.
	 * @return "PanelUI"
	 * @see JComponent#getUIClassID
	 * @see UIDefaults#getUI
	 * @beaninfo expert: true description: A string that specifies the name of
	 *           the L&amp;F class.
	public String getUIClassID() {
		return uiClassID;

	 * Set the cell width and height to the same value.
	 * @param cellSize
	 *            the new cell width and height.
	public void setCellSize(int cellSize) {

	public void setCellWidth(int cellWidth) {
		if (cellWidth < 1)
			throw new IllegalArgumentException(
					"cellWidth (" + cellWidth + ") must be positive");
		putClientProperty(PROPERTY_CELL_WIDTH, cellWidth);

	public void setCellHeight(int cellHeight) {
		if (cellHeight < 1)
			throw new IllegalArgumentException(
					"cellHeight (" + cellHeight + ") must be positive");
		putClientProperty(PROPERTY_CELL_HEIGHT, cellHeight);

	public int getCellWidth() {
		return (Integer) getClientProperty(PROPERTY_CELL_WIDTH);

	public int getCellHeight() {
		return (Integer) getClientProperty(PROPERTY_CELL_HEIGHT);

	public AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext() {
		if (accessibleContext == null) {
			accessibleContext = new AccessibleJPalette();
		return accessibleContext;

	protected class AccessibleJPalette extends AccessibleJComponent {
		private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

		public AccessibleRole getAccessibleRole() {
			return AccessibleRole.COLOR_CHOOSER;