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package com.worldnet.automerger;

import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.BuildCheck;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.CheckoutBranch;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.CommandExecutor;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.Commit;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.ConflictSolver;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.CssCompilation;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.Merge;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.MergeInfoRevisions;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.RevertChanges;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.StatusCheck;
import com.worldnet.automerger.commands.UpdateBranch;
import com.worldnet.automerger.notification.Notifier;
import java.io.File;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.nio.file.Files;
import java.nio.file.Paths;
import java.nio.file.StandardCopyOption;
import java.nio.file.attribute.FileAttribute;
import java.nio.file.attribute.PosixFilePermission;
import java.nio.file.attribute.PosixFilePermissions;
import java.util.Set;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.BooleanUtils;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;
import org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager;
import org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger;

 * @author Leonardo Pavone - 11/07/17.
public class Merger {

  static final Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger();

  public void performMerge(String sourceBranch, String targetBranch, String redmineTaskNumber) throws Exception {
    logger.info("Attempting automatic merge of changes from {} to {}", sourceBranch, targetBranch);

    String eligibleRevisions =
        new MergeInfoRevisions( sourceBranch, targetBranch, SvnOperationsEnum.MERGEINFO_ELIGIBLE)
    if (StringUtils.isBlank( eligibleRevisions)){
      logger.info("No eligible revisions from {} to {}, merge aborted.", sourceBranch, targetBranch);
      Notifier.notifyNoEligibleVersions(sourceBranch, targetBranch);


    int fromRevision = getFromRevision( eligibleRevisions);
    int toRevision = getToRevision( eligibleRevisions);

    Merge mergeCmd = new Merge(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision);
    String resolveConflictOutput = StringUtils.EMPTY;
    if ( !mergeCmd.wasSuccessful()){
      //resolve automatically CSS conflicts to proceed
      logger.info("Conflicts have been found during merge. Will attempt to resolve CSS conflicts and re-check status.");
      resolveConflictOutput = new ConflictSolver(targetBranch)
      StatusCheck statusCheckCmd = new StatusCheck(targetBranch);
      String statusOutput = statusCheckCmd.execute();
      //check if after resolution there are still conflicts
      if ( !statusCheckCmd.wasSuccessful()) {
        logger.info("Conflicts have been found during merge, no changes will be committed.");
        Notifier.notifyMergeWithConflicts(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision,
      } else{
        logger.info("CSS conflicts have been resolved, will attempt to recompile CSS files");
        //run and check result of CSS compilation
        CssCompilation cssCompilationCmd = new CssCompilation(targetBranch);
        String cssCompilationOutput = cssCompilationCmd.execute();
        if ( !cssCompilationCmd.wasSuccessful()){
          logger.info("CSS compilation has failed, merge aborted.");
          Notifier.notifyCssCompilationFail(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision,
    //check if build is ok after merge
    BuildCheck buildCheckCmd = new BuildCheck(targetBranch);
    String buildOutput = buildCheckCmd.execute();
    if ( !buildCheckCmd.wasSuccessful()) {
      logger.info("Build has failed after merge. Changes will not be committed.");
      Notifier.notifyFailedBuild(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision, buildOutput);
    //commit is only done if mode is enabled from config
    boolean isCommitModeEnabled = BooleanUtils.toBoolean(
    if (isCommitModeEnabled){
      logger.info("Successful merge, changes will be committed in Redmine task #{}", redmineTaskNumber);
      String commitMessageFilePath = PropertiesUtil.getString("tmp.commit.message.file");
      createCommitMessageFile( commitMessageFilePath, sourceBranch, targetBranch,
          fromRevision, toRevision, redmineTaskNumber);
      //commit changes
      Commit commitCmd = new Commit(targetBranch, commitMessageFilePath);
      String commitOutput = commitCmd.execute();
      if ( commitCmd.wasSuccessful()){
        String mergedRevisions =
            new MergeInfoRevisions( sourceBranch, targetBranch, SvnOperationsEnum.MERGEINFO_MERGED)
        logger.info("Changes have been successfully committed.");
        logger.info("Merged revisions:\n%s", mergedRevisions);
        Notifier.notifySuccessfulMerge(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision,
            mergedRevisions, resolveConflictOutput, false);
      } else {
        logger.info("Commit failed! No changes have been committed into repository");
        Notifier.notifyCommitFailure(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision,
      Utils.removeTempFile( commitMessageFilePath);
      logger.info("Finished automatic merge of changes from {} to {}", sourceBranch, targetBranch);
    } else {
      logger.info("Commit mode is disabled, no commit will be done.");
      Notifier.notifySuccessfulMerge(sourceBranch, targetBranch, fromRevision, toRevision,
          "[commit disabled]", resolveConflictOutput, true);

   * Creates a temp file with commit message content.
   * @param commitMessageFilePath
   * @param sourceBranch
   * @param targetBranch
   * @param fromRevision
   * @param toRevision
   * @param redmineTicketNumber
   * @throws IOException
  public void createCommitMessageFile(String commitMessageFilePath, String sourceBranch,
      String targetBranch, int fromRevision, int toRevision, String redmineTicketNumber)
      throws IOException {

    String msgContent = String.format(PropertiesUtil.getString("commit.message.template"),

    Files.write(Paths.get(commitMessageFilePath), msgContent.getBytes());

   * Return last revision to merge
   * @param eligibleRevisions
   * @return
  public int getToRevision(String eligibleRevisions) {
    String[] revisions = StringUtils.split(eligibleRevisions, System.getProperty("line.separator"));
    return Integer.parseInt(StringUtils.remove( revisions[revisions.length - 1], "r"));

   * Return initial revision to merge
   * @param eligibleRevisions 
   * @return
  public int getFromRevision(String eligibleRevisions) {
    String revision = StringUtils.split(eligibleRevisions, System.getProperty("line.separator"))[0];
    return Integer.parseInt(StringUtils.remove(revision, "r"));

   * Checkout the working copy of target branch.
   * If already exits will do:
   *  - Revert: to remove any possible unwanted changes
   *  - Update: to update latest changes from repository
   * @param branchName
  public void checkoutOrUpdateBranch(String branchName) throws Exception {
    boolean branchDirExists = new File(SvnUtils.TEMP_FOLDER + "/" + branchName).exists();
    if (branchDirExists){
      RevertChanges revertChangesCmd = new RevertChanges(branchName);
      UpdateBranch updateBranchCmd = new UpdateBranch( branchName);
      if ( !updateBranchCmd.wasSuccessful()){
        throw new Exception("Error updating working copy");
    } else {
      CheckoutBranch checkoutBranchCmd = new CheckoutBranch( branchName);
      if ( !checkoutBranchCmd.wasSuccessful()){
        throw new Exception("Error checking out working copy");

   * Create localconf folder and properties file necessary to run build task in order to check merge integrity.
   * @param branchName
  public void createLocalConfigFile(String branchName) throws Exception {
    String branchPath = SvnUtils.TEMP_FOLDER + "/" + branchName;
    //create localconf directory
    String newDirectoryPath = branchPath + "/localconf";
    if ( !Files.exists( Paths.get(newDirectoryPath))) {
      Set<PosixFilePermission> permissions = PosixFilePermissions.fromString("rwxrwxrwx");
      FileAttribute<Set<PosixFilePermission>> fileAttributes = PosixFilePermissions
      Files.createDirectory(Paths.get(newDirectoryPath), fileAttributes);
    //copy properties template
        Paths.get(branchPath + "/common/conf/worldnettps.properties.template"),
        Paths.get(newDirectoryPath + "/worldnettps.properties"),
    //setting glassfish directory in properties file
    String appServerDir = PropertiesUtil.getString("appserver.dir");
    String sedCommand = String.format(
        "sed -i '/glassfish.dir/c\\glassfish.dir=%s' localconf/worldnettps.properties", appServerDir);
    CommandExecutor.run( sedCommand, branchPath);
    logger.info("worldnettps.properties file has been created in localconf folder.");