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package com.sun.xml.xsom.impl;

import com.sun.xml.xsom.XSFacet;
import com.sun.xml.xsom.XmlString;
import com.sun.xml.xsom.impl.parser.SchemaDocumentImpl;
import com.sun.xml.xsom.visitor.XSFunction;
import com.sun.xml.xsom.visitor.XSVisitor;
import org.xml.sax.Locator;

public class FacetImpl extends ComponentImpl implements XSFacet {
    public FacetImpl( SchemaDocumentImpl owner, AnnotationImpl _annon, Locator _loc, ForeignAttributesImpl _fa,
        String _name, XmlString _value, boolean _fixed ) {
        this.name = _name;
        this.value = _value;
        this.fixed = _fixed;
    private final String name;
    public String getName() { return name; }
    private final XmlString value;
    public XmlString getValue() { return value; }

    private boolean fixed;
    public boolean isFixed() { return fixed; }
    public void visit( XSVisitor visitor ) {
    public Object apply( XSFunction function ) {
        return function.facet(this);