package org.jsoup.nodes;

import org.jsoup.Connection;
import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
import org.jsoup.helper.HttpConnection;
import org.jsoup.helper.Validate;
import org.jsoup.parser.Tag;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

 * A HTML Form Element provides ready access to the form fields/controls that are associated with it. It also allows a
 * form to easily be submitted.
public class FormElement extends Element {
    private final Elements elements = new Elements();

     * Create a new, standalone form element.
     * @param tag        tag of this element
     * @param baseUri    the base URI
     * @param attributes initial attributes
    public FormElement(Tag tag, String baseUri, Attributes attributes) {
        super(tag, baseUri, attributes);

     * Get the list of form control elements associated with this form.
     * @return form controls associated with this element.
    public Elements elements() {
        return elements;

     * Add a form control element to this form.
     * @param element form control to add
     * @return this form element, for chaining
    public FormElement addElement(Element element) {
        return this;

     * Prepare to submit this form. A Connection object is created with the request set up from the form values. You
     * can then set up other options (like user-agent, timeout, cookies), then execute it.
     * @return a connection prepared from the values of this form.
     * @throws IllegalArgumentException if the form's absolute action URL cannot be determined. Make sure you pass the
     * document's base URI when parsing.
    public Connection submit() {
        String action = hasAttr("action") ? absUrl("action") : baseUri();
        Validate.notEmpty(action, "Could not determine a form action URL for submit. Ensure you set a base URI when parsing.");
        Connection.Method method = attr("method").toUpperCase().equals("POST") ?
                Connection.Method.POST : Connection.Method.GET;

        Connection con = Jsoup.connect(action)

        return con;

     * Get the data that this form submits. The returned list is a copy of the data, and changes to the contents of the
     * list will not be reflected in the DOM.
     * @return a list of key vals
    public List<Connection.KeyVal> formData() {
        ArrayList<Connection.KeyVal> data = new ArrayList<Connection.KeyVal>();

        // iterate the form control elements and accumulate their values
        for (Element el: elements) {
            if (!el.tag().isFormSubmittable()) continue; // contents are form listable, superset of submitable
            String name = el.attr("name");
            if (name.length() == 0) continue;

            if ("select".equals(el.tagName())) {
                Elements options ="option[selected]");
                for (Element option: options) {
                    data.add(HttpConnection.KeyVal.create(name, option.val()));
            } else {
                data.add(HttpConnection.KeyVal.create(name, el.val()));
        return data;