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package org.mobicents.protocols.ss7.tools.simulator.tests.lcs;

import javax.management.MBeanAttributeInfo;
import javax.management.MBeanInfo;
import javax.management.MBeanOperationInfo;
import javax.management.MBeanParameterInfo;
import javax.management.NotCompliantMBeanException;
import javax.management.StandardMBean;

import org.mobicents.protocols.ss7.tools.simulator.common.AddressNatureType;
import org.mobicents.protocols.ss7.tools.simulator.level3.NumberingPlanMapType;

* @author [email protected]
public class TestMapLcsClientStandardManMBean extends StandardMBean {

    public TestMapLcsClientStandardManMBean(TestMapLcsClientMan impl, Class<TestMapLcsClientManMBean> intf) throws NotCompliantMBeanException {
        super(impl, intf);

    public MBeanInfo getMBeanInfo() {

        // TODO: Put real attributes and operations

        MBeanAttributeInfo[] attributes = new MBeanAttributeInfo[] {
                new MBeanAttributeInfo("AddressNature", AddressNatureType.class.getName(),
                                       "AddressNature parameter for mlcNumber creating",
                                       true, true, false),
                new MBeanAttributeInfo("NumberingPlanType", NumberingPlanMapType.class.getName(),
                                       "NumberingPlanType parameter for mlcNumber creating",
                                       true, true, false),
                new MBeanAttributeInfo("NumberingPlan", String.class.getName(),
                                       "NumberingPlan parameter for mlcNumber creating",
                                       true, true, false), };

        MBeanParameterInfo[] performSRIRequestParam = new MBeanParameterInfo[] {
                       new MBeanParameterInfo("addressIMSI", String.class.getName(), "Address for IMSI") };

        MBeanOperationInfo[] operations = new MBeanOperationInfo[] {
                new MBeanOperationInfo("performSendRoutingInfoForLCSRequest", "Send Routing Information for LCS request",
                                       performSRIRequestParam, String.class.getName(), MBeanOperationInfo.ACTION),

        return new MBeanInfo(TestMapLcsClientMan.class.getName(), "MapLcsClient test parameters management", attributes, null, operations, null);