package tc.oc.pgm.killreward;

import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.List;
import javax.annotation.Nullable;

import org.bukkit.event.Event;
import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
import org.bukkit.event.EventPriority;
import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
import tc.oc.pgm.filters.query.DamageQuery;
import tc.oc.pgm.kits.ItemKitApplicator;
import tc.oc.pgm.match.Match;
import tc.oc.pgm.match.MatchModule;
import tc.oc.pgm.match.MatchPlayer;
import tc.oc.pgm.match.MatchScope;
import tc.oc.pgm.match.ParticipantState;
import tc.oc.pgm.tracker.damage.DamageInfo;

public class KillRewardMatchModule extends MatchModule implements Listener {
    protected final ImmutableList<KillReward> killRewards;
    protected final Multimap<MatchPlayer, KillReward> deadPlayerRewards = ArrayListMultimap.create();

    public KillRewardMatchModule(Match match, List<KillReward> killRewards) {
        this.killRewards = ImmutableList.copyOf(killRewards);

    private Collection<KillReward> getRewards(@Nullable Event event, ParticipantState victim, DamageInfo damageInfo) {
        final DamageQuery query = DamageQuery.attackerDefault(event, victim, damageInfo);
        return Collections2.filter(killRewards, new Predicate<KillReward>() {
            public boolean apply(KillReward killReward) {
                return killReward.filter.query(query).isAllowed();

    private Collection<KillReward> getRewards(MatchPlayerDeathEvent event) {
        return getRewards(event, event.getVictim().getParticipantState(), event.getDamageInfo());

    private void giveRewards(MatchPlayer killer, Collection<KillReward> rewards) {
        for(KillReward reward : rewards) {
            // Apply kit first so it can not override reward items
            reward.items.forEach(stack -> ItemKitApplicator.fireEventAndTransfer(killer, stack));

    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.MONITOR, ignoreCancelled = true)
    public void onDeath(MatchPlayerDeathEvent event) {
        if(!event.isChallengeKill()) return;
        MatchPlayer killer = event.getOnlineKiller();
        if(killer == null) return;

        Collection<KillReward> rewards = getRewards(event);

        if(killer.isDead()) {
            // If a player earns a KW while dead, give it to them when they respawn. Rationale: If they click respawn
            // fast enough, they will get the reward anyway, and we can't prevent it in that case, so we might as well
            // just give it to them always. Also, if the KW is in itemkeep, they should definitely get it while dead,
            // and this is a relatively simple way to handle that case.
            deadPlayerRewards.putAll(killer, rewards);
        } else {
            giveRewards(killer, rewards);

     * This is called from {@link tc.oc.pgm.spawns.SpawnMatchModule} so that rewards are given after kits
    public void giveDeadPlayerRewards(MatchPlayer attacker) {
        giveRewards(attacker, deadPlayerRewards.removeAll(attacker));

    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.MONITOR, ignoreCancelled = true)
    public void onPartyChange(PlayerPartyChangeEvent event) {