Copyright 2016 Stefan 'Namikon' Thomanek <sthomanek at gmail dot com>

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

package eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags;

import java.util.Random;

import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs;
import net.minecraft.item.Item;
import net.minecraftforge.common.MinecraftForge;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.EventHandler;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Instance;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.SidedProxy;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLServerStartingEvent;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkRegistry;
import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.Side;
import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.SideOnly;

import eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.config.ELBConfig;
import eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.core.LootGroupsHandler;
import eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.net.ELBDispatcher;
import eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.proxy.CommonProxy;
import eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.server.LootBagCommand;
import eu.usrv.yamcore.auxiliary.IngameErrorLog;
import eu.usrv.yamcore.auxiliary.LogHelper;

@Mod( modid = EnhancedLootBags.MODID, name = EnhancedLootBags.MODNAME, version = EnhancedLootBags.VERSION, dependencies = "required-after:[email protected][,);required-after:[email protected][0.5.63,);" )
public class EnhancedLootBags
	public static CreativeTabs ELBCreativeTab;
	public static final String MODID = "enhancedlootbags";
	public static final String VERSION = "GRADLETOKEN_VERSION";
	public static final String MODNAME = "Enhanced LootBags";
	public static final String NICEFOLDERNAME = "EnhancedLootBags";
	public static LootGroupsHandler LootGroupHandler = null;
	public static ELBConfig ELBCfg = null;
	public static IngameErrorLog AdminLogonErrors = null;
	public static LogHelper Logger = new LogHelper( MODID );
	public static ELBDispatcher NW;
	public static Random Rnd = null;

	@SidedProxy( clientSide = "eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.proxy.ClientProxy", serverSide = "eu.usrv.enhancedlootbags.proxy.CommonProxy" )
	public static CommonProxy proxy;

	@Instance( MODID )
	public static EnhancedLootBags instance;

	public void PreInit( FMLPreInitializationEvent pEvent )
		Rnd = new Random( System.currentTimeMillis() );
		ELBCfg = new ELBConfig( pEvent.getModConfigurationDirectory(), NICEFOLDERNAME, MODID );
		if (!ELBCfg.LoadConfig())
			Logger.error(String.format("%s could not load its config file. Things are going to be weird!", MODID));
		AdminLogonErrors = new IngameErrorLog();
		NW = new ELBDispatcher();

		LootGroupHandler = new LootGroupsHandler( pEvent.getModConfigurationDirectory() );

		ELBCreativeTab = new CreativeTabs( "ELBTab" )
			@SideOnly( Side.CLIENT )
			public Item getTabIconItem()
				return LootGroupHandler.getLootBagItem();

		LootGroupHandler.getLootBagItem().setCreativeTab( ELBCreativeTab );

	public void init( FMLInitializationEvent event )
		FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register( AdminLogonErrors );
		FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register( LootGroupHandler );
		MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register( LootGroupHandler );
		NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.registerGuiHandler( this, new GuiHandler() );

	 * Do some stuff once the server starts
	 * @param pEvent
	public void serverLoad( FMLServerStartingEvent pEvent )
		pEvent.registerServerCommand( new LootBagCommand() );