Java Code Examples for org.newdawn.slick.geom.Rectangle#transform()

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Example 1
 * @see org.newdawn.slick.svg.inkscape.ElementProcessor#process(org.newdawn.slick.svg.Loader, org.w3c.dom.Element, org.newdawn.slick.svg.Diagram, org.newdawn.slick.geom.Transform)
public void process(Loader loader, Element element, Diagram diagram, Transform t) throws ParsingException {
	Transform transform = Util.getTransform(element);
    transform = new Transform(t, transform); 
	float width = Float.parseFloat(element.getAttribute("width"));
	float height = Float.parseFloat(element.getAttribute("height"));
	float x = Float.parseFloat(element.getAttribute("x"));
	float y = Float.parseFloat(element.getAttribute("y"));
	Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(x,y,width+1,height+1);
	Shape shape = rect.transform(transform);
	NonGeometricData data = Util.getNonGeometricData(element);
	data.addAttribute("width", ""+width);
	data.addAttribute("height", ""+height);
	data.addAttribute("x", ""+x);
	data.addAttribute("y", ""+y);
	diagram.addFigure(new Figure(Figure.RECTANGLE, shape, data, transform));
Example 2
 * @see BasicGame#init(GameContainer)
public void init(GameContainer container) throws SlickException {
	a = new Rectangle(100,100,50,200);
	a = a.transform(Transform.createRotateTransform(0.1f,100,100));
	b = new Rectangle(200,100,50,200);
	b = b.transform(Transform.createRotateTransform(-0.6f,100,100));
	c = new Rectangle(300,100,50,200);
	c = c.transform(Transform.createRotateTransform(-0.2f,100,100));
	morph = new MorphShape(a);