Java Code Examples for org.eclipse.xtext.naming.QualifiedName.equals()

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Example 1
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 * Returns true if the given container type is a polyfill of the bottom type.
 * <p>
 * Note: we compare via FQN here, since the bottom type may not stem from the index but from the type model
 * derived from the AST. In that case, the type instance, although similar, differs from the type instance
 * from the index.
private boolean isDirectPolyfill(ContainerType<?> containerType) {
	if (!containerType.isStaticPolyfill() || !(bottomType instanceof TClassifier)) {
		return false;
	QualifiedName qn = N4TSQualifiedNameProvider.getStaticPolyfillFQN((TClassifier) bottomType,
	if (containerType instanceof TClass) { // short cut
		return qn.equals(qualifiedNameProvider.getFullyQualifiedName(containerType));
	if (containerType instanceof TN4Classifier) {
		return Iterables.any(((TN4Classifier) containerType).getSuperClassifierRefs(),
				ref -> qn.equals(qualifiedNameProvider.getFullyQualifiedName(ref.getDeclaredType())));

	return false;