Java Code Examples for org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Tree.setBounds()

The following are Jave code examples for showing how to use setBounds() of the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Tree class. You can vote up the examples you like. Your votes will be used in our system to get more good examples.
Example 1
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private LatticeTabUI(TabFolder tabFolderMIPA) 
	TabItem tabItemLattice = new TabItem(tabFolderMIPA, SWT.NONE);
	tabItemLattice.setToolTipText("representation of lattice");

	SashForm sashLattice = new SashForm(tabFolderMIPA, SWT.NONE);

	StyledText styledTextLattice = new StyledText(sashLattice, SWT.BORDER
	styledTextLattice.setText("Information for lattice are given here \n.");
	styledTextLattice.setToolTipText("Information for lattice.");

	Group grpLatticeTree = new Group(sashLattice, SWT.NONE);
	grpLatticeTree.setToolTipText("tree view of lattice");
	grpLatticeTree.setText("Lattice Tree View");
	latticeTreeViewer = new TreeViewer(grpLatticeTree, SWT.BORDER);
	Tree latticeTree = latticeTreeViewer.getTree();
	latticeTree.setBounds(10, 29, 444, 526);
	//latticeTreeViewer.setLabelProvider(new LatticeTreeLabelProvider());
	//latticeTreeViewer.setContentProvider(new LatticeTreeContentProvider());
	sashLattice.setWeights(new int[] { 1, 1 });
Example 2
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private PredicateTabUI(TabFolder tabFolderMIPA) 
	TabItem tabItemPredicate = new TabItem(tabFolderMIPA, SWT.NONE);
			.setToolTipText("In this tab folder, the predicate is given in the form of xml file as well as the view of abstract syntax tree.");

	SashForm sashPredicate = new SashForm(tabFolderMIPA, SWT.NONE);
			.setToolTipText("Drag to change the sizes of the two sides of the window.");
	styledTextPredicate = new StyledText(sashPredicate, SWT.BORDER);
	styledTextPredicate.setToolTipText("Predicate are shown here.");

	Group grpPredicateTree = new Group(sashPredicate, SWT.NONE);
	grpPredicateTree.setToolTipText("Tree view of predicate");
	grpPredicateTree.setText("Predicate Tree View");

	predicateTreeViewer = new TreeViewer(grpPredicateTree, SWT.BORDER);
	Tree treePredicate = predicateTreeViewer.getTree();
	treePredicate.setBounds(10, 28, 444, 527);
	sashPredicate.setWeights(new int[] { 1, 1 });
	//		.setContentProvider(new PredicateTreeContentProvider());
	//predicateTreeViewer.setLabelProvider(new PredicateTreeLabelProvider());