Java Code Examples for org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem.getAllStatistics()

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Example 1
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 * Gets a handle to the Statistics instance based on the scheme associated
 * with path.
 * @param path the path.
 * @param conf the configuration to extract the scheme from if not part of 
 *   the path.
 * @return a Statistics instance, or null if none is found for the scheme.
protected static List<Statistics> getFsStatistics(Path path, Configuration conf) throws IOException {
  List<Statistics> matchedStats = new ArrayList<FileSystem.Statistics>();
  path = path.getFileSystem(conf).makeQualified(path);
  String scheme = path.toUri().getScheme();
  for (Statistics stats : FileSystem.getAllStatistics()) {
    if (stats.getScheme().equals(scheme)) {
  return matchedStats;