Java Code Examples for org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration#setBooleanIfUnset()

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Example 1
Source Project: hbase   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
 * Setup the configuration for a constraint as to whether it is enabled and
 * its priority
 * @param conf
 *          on which to base the new configuration
 * @param enabled
 *          <tt>true</tt> if it should be run
 * @param priority
 *          relative to other constraints
 * @return a new configuration, storable in the {@link HTableDescriptor}
private static Configuration configure(Configuration conf, boolean enabled,
    long priority) {
  // create the configuration to actually be stored
  // clone if possible, but otherwise just create an empty configuration
  Configuration toWrite = conf == null ? new Configuration()
      : new Configuration(conf);

  // update internal properties
  toWrite.setBooleanIfUnset(ENABLED_KEY, enabled);

  // set if unset long
    toWrite.setLong(PRIORITY_KEY, priority);

  return toWrite;
Example 2
public void initializeConfiguration(Configuration config)
    copy(resourcesConfiguration, config);

    // this is to prevent dfs client from doing reverse DNS lookups to determine whether nodes are rack local
    config.setClass(NET_TOPOLOGY_NODE_SWITCH_MAPPING_IMPL_KEY, NoOpDNSToSwitchMapping.class, DNSToSwitchMapping.class);

    if (socksProxy != null) {
        config.setClass(HADOOP_RPC_SOCKET_FACTORY_CLASS_DEFAULT_KEY, SocksSocketFactory.class, SocketFactory.class);
        config.set(HADOOP_SOCKS_SERVER_KEY, socksProxy.toString());

    if (domainSocketPath != null) {
        config.setStrings(DFS_DOMAIN_SOCKET_PATH_KEY, domainSocketPath);

    // only enable short circuit reads if domain socket path is properly configured
    if (!config.get(DFS_DOMAIN_SOCKET_PATH_KEY, "").trim().isEmpty()) {
        config.setBooleanIfUnset(HdfsClientConfigKeys.Read.ShortCircuit.KEY, true);

    config.setInt(DFS_CLIENT_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_KEY, toIntExact(dfsTimeout.toMillis()));
    config.setInt(IPC_PING_INTERVAL_KEY, toIntExact(ipcPingInterval.toMillis()));
    config.setInt(IPC_CLIENT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT_KEY, toIntExact(dfsConnectTimeout.toMillis()));
    config.setInt(IPC_CLIENT_CONNECT_MAX_RETRIES_KEY, dfsConnectMaxRetries);
    config.setInt(DFS_CLIENT_KEY_PROVIDER_CACHE_EXPIRY_MS, dfsKeyProviderCacheTtlMillis);

    if (wireEncryptionEnabled) {
        config.set(HADOOP_RPC_PROTECTION, "privacy");
        config.setBoolean("", true);

    config.setInt("fs.cache.max-size", fileSystemMaxCacheSize);

    configurationInitializers.forEach(configurationInitializer -> configurationInitializer.initializeConfiguration(config));
Example 3
Source Project: geowave   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
public void configure(final Job job) throws Exception {
  final Configuration conf = job.getConfiguration();
  conf.set("", "-Xmx" + memInMB + "m");
  conf.set("", "-Xmx" + memInMB + "m");
  conf.setLong("mapred.task.timeout", 2000000);
  conf.setInt("", 250);
  job.getConfiguration().setBoolean("mapreduce.reduce.speculative", false);

  Class<? extends CompressionCodec> bestCodecClass =;
  int rank = 0;
  for (final Class<? extends CompressionCodec> codecClass : CompressionCodecFactory.getCodecClasses(
      conf)) {
    int r = 1;
    for (final String codecs : CodecsRank) {
      if (codecClass.getName().contains(codecs)) {
    if ((rank < r) && (r <= CodecsRank.length)) {
      try {
        final CompressionCodec codec = codecClass.newInstance();
        if (Configurable.class.isAssignableFrom(codecClass)) {
          ((Configurable) codec).setConf(conf);
        // throws an exception if not configurable in this context
        bestCodecClass = codecClass;
        rank = r;
      } catch (final Throwable ex) {
        // occurs when codec is not installed."Not configuable in this context", ex);
  LOGGER.warn("Compression with " + bestCodecClass.toString());

  conf.setClass("", bestCodecClass, CompressionCodec.class);
  conf.setBoolean("", true);
  conf.setBooleanIfUnset("first.iteration", firstIteration);