Java Code Examples for org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration.getPropertySources()

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Example 1
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 * Get default file system URI for the cluster (used to ensure consistency
 * of history done/staging locations) over different context
 * @return Default file context
private static FileContext getDefaultFileContext() {
  // If FS_DEFAULT_NAME_KEY was set solely by core-default.xml then we ignore
  // ignore it. This prevents defaulting history paths to file system specified
  // by core-default.xml which would not make sense in any case. For a test
  // case to exploit this functionality it should create core-site.xml
  FileContext fc = null;
  Configuration defaultConf = new Configuration();
  String[] sources;
  sources = defaultConf.getPropertySources(
  if (sources != null &&
      (!Arrays.asList(sources).contains("core-default.xml") ||
      sources.length > 1)) {
    try {
      fc = FileContext.getFileContext(defaultConf);"Default file system [" +
                fc.getDefaultFileSystem().getUri() + "]");
    } catch (UnsupportedFileSystemException e) {
      LOG.error("Unable to create default file context [" +
          defaultConf.get(CommonConfigurationKeysPublic.FS_DEFAULT_NAME_KEY) +
  else {"Default file system is set solely " +
        "by core-default.xml therefore -  ignoring");

  return fc;