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Example 1
public static WizardryWorld get(World world) {
	WizardryWorld cap = world.getCapability(capability(), null);
	if (cap == null) {
		throw new IllegalStateException("Missing capability: " + world.getWorldInfo().getWorldName() + "/" + world.provider.getDimensionType().getName());
	return cap;
Example 2
Source Project: Valkyrien-Skies   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * This method basically grabs the {@link IValkyrienSkiesWorldData} capability from the world
 * and then returns the QueryableShipData associated with it
 * @param world The world we are getting the QueryableShipData from
 * @return The QueryableShipData corresponding to the given world
public static QueryableShipData getQueryableData(World world) {
    IValkyrienSkiesWorldData worldData = world
        .getCapability(ValkyrienSkiesMod.VS_WORLD_DATA, null);
    if (worldData == null) {
        // I hate it when other mods add their custom worlds without calling the forge world
        // load events, so I don't feel bad crashing the game here. Although we could also get
        // away with just adding the capability to world instead of crashing.
        throw new IllegalStateException(
            "World " + world + " doesn't have an IVSWorldDataCapability. This is wrong!");
    return worldData.getQueryableShipData();