Java Code Examples for net.minecraft.init.Blocks#fire()

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Example 1
Source Project: Artifacts   File:    License: MIT License 6 votes vote down vote up
private boolean blockUnderAntibuilderInfluence(World world, int x, int y, int z) {
	if(world.getBlock(x, y, z) == || 
			world.getBlock(x, y, z) == BlockAntibuilder.instance ||
			world.getBlock(x, y, z) == Blocks.web ||
			world.getBlock(x, y, z) == Blocks.torch ||
			world.getBlock(x, y, z) == BlockSword.instance) {
		return false;
	for(AntibuilderLocation al : TileEntityAntibuilder.antibuilders.keySet()) {
		if(world.provider.dimensionId == al.dimension && MathHelper.abs(x - al.x) <= 5 && MathHelper.abs(y - al.y) <= 5 && MathHelper.abs(z - al.z) <= 5) {
			return true;
	return false;
Example 2
Source Project: NotEnoughItems   File:    License: MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
public void generatePermutations()
    ArrayList<ItemStack> stacks = new ArrayList<ItemStack>();
    for(ItemStack item : items)
        if(item == null || item.getItem() == null)
        if(item.getItemDamage() == Short.MAX_VALUE)
            List<ItemStack> permutations = ItemList.itemMap.get(item.getItem());
                for(ItemStack stack : permutations)
                ItemStack base = new ItemStack(item.getItem(), item.stackSize);
    items = stacks.toArray(new ItemStack[0]);

    if(items.length == 0)
        items = new ItemStack[]{new ItemStack(};
    permutated = true;
Example 3
Source Project: archimedes-ships   File:    License: MIT License 4 votes vote down vote up
public void loadAndSave()
	Block[] defaultBlockBlacklist = { (Blocks.dirt), (Blocks.grass), (Blocks.sand), (Blocks.gravel), (Blocks.clay), (, (Blocks.water), (Blocks.flowing_water), (Blocks.flowing_lava), (Blocks.lava), (Blocks.snow), Blocks.snow_layer, (Blocks.waterlily), (Blocks.netherrack), (Blocks.soul_sand), Blocks.tallgrass };
	Block[] defaultBlocksWhitelist = { Blocks.acacia_stairs, Blocks.activator_rail, Blocks.anvil, Blocks.bed, Blocks.birch_stairs, Blocks.bookshelf, Blocks.brewing_stand, Blocks.brick_block, Blocks.brick_stairs, Blocks.cactus, Blocks.cake, Blocks.carpet, Blocks.coal_block, Blocks.cobblestone, Blocks.cobblestone_wall, Blocks.command_block, Blocks.crafting_table, Blocks.dark_oak_stairs, Blocks.detector_rail, Blocks.diamond_block, Blocks.dispenser, Blocks.dropper, Blocks.daylight_detector, Blocks.double_stone_slab, Blocks.double_wooden_slab, Blocks.emerald_block, Blocks.enchanting_table, Blocks.end_stone, Blocks.ender_chest, Blocks.fence, Blocks.fence_gate, Blocks.flower_pot, Blocks.furnace,,, Blocks.glass_pane, Blocks.glowstone, Blocks.gold_block, Blocks.golden_rail, Blocks.hardened_clay, Blocks.hay_block, Blocks.heavy_weighted_pressure_plate, Blocks.hopper, Blocks.iron_bars, Blocks.iron_block, Blocks.iron_door, Blocks.jukebox, Blocks.jungle_stairs, Blocks.ladder, Blocks.lapis_block, Blocks.lever, Blocks.light_weighted_pressure_plate, Blocks.lit_furnace, Blocks.lit_pumpkin, Blocks.lit_redstone_lamp, Blocks.log, Blocks.log2, Blocks.melon_block, Blocks.mob_spawner, Blocks.monster_egg, Blocks.mossy_cobblestone, Blocks.nether_brick, Blocks.nether_brick_fence, Blocks.nether_brick_stairs, Blocks.noteblock, Blocks.oak_stairs, Blocks.obsidian, Blocks.planks, Blocks.pumpkin, Blocks.piston, Blocks.piston_extension, Blocks.piston_head, Blocks.powered_comparator, Blocks.powered_repeater, Blocks.quartz_block, Blocks.quartz_stairs, Blocks.rail, Blocks.redstone_block, Blocks.redstone_torch, Blocks.redstone_wire, Blocks.sandstone, Blocks.sandstone_stairs, Blocks.skull, Blocks.sponge, Blocks.spruce_stairs, Blocks.stained_hardened_clay, Blocks.standing_sign, Blocks.stone_brick_stairs, Blocks.stone_button, Blocks.stone_pressure_plate, Blocks.stone_stairs, Blocks.stonebrick, Blocks.stained_glass, Blocks.stained_glass_pane, Blocks.sticky_piston, Blocks.stone_slab, Blocks.tnt, Blocks.torch, Blocks.trapdoor, Blocks.trapped_chest, Blocks.tripwire, Blocks.tripwire_hook, Blocks.unlit_redstone_torch, Blocks.unpowered_comparator, Blocks.unpowered_repeater, Blocks.wall_sign, Blocks.web, Blocks.wooden_button, Blocks.wooden_door, Blocks.wooden_pressure_plate, Blocks.wool, Blocks.wooden_slab };
	Block[] defaultOverwritableBlocks = { Blocks.tallgrass, Blocks.waterlily };
	String[] defaultMaterialDensities = { "\"minecraft:air=0.0\"", "\"minecraft:wool=0.1\"" };
	String[] defaultBlockDensities = { "\"ArchimedesShips:floater=0.04\"", "\"ArchimedesShips:balloon=0.02\"" };
	String[] blockblacklistnames = new String[defaultBlockBlacklist.length];
	for (int i = 0; i < defaultBlockBlacklist.length; i++)
		blockblacklistnames[i] = Block.blockRegistry.getNameForObject(defaultBlockBlacklist[i]);
	String[] blockwhitelistnames = new String[6 + defaultBlocksWhitelist.length];
	for (int i = 0; i < blockwhitelistnames.length - 6; i++)
		blockwhitelistnames[i] = Block.blockRegistry.getNameForObject(defaultBlocksWhitelist[i]);
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 6] = "ArchimedesShips:marker";
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 5] = "ArchimedesShips:floater";
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 4] = "ArchimedesShips:balloon";
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 3] = "ArchimedesShips:gauge";
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 2] = "ArchimedesShips:seat";
	blockwhitelistnames[blockwhitelistnames.length - 1] = "ArchimedesShips:engine";
	String[] overwritableblocksnames = new String[defaultOverwritableBlocks.length];
	for (int i = 0; i < defaultOverwritableBlocks.length; i++)
		overwritableblocksnames[i] = Block.blockRegistry.getNameForObject(defaultOverwritableBlocks[i]);
	shipEntitySyncRate = config.get("settings", "sync_rate", 20, "The amount of ticks between a server-client synchronization. Higher numbers reduce network traffic. Lower numbers increase multiplayer experience. 20 ticks = 1 second").getInt();
	enableAirShips = config.get("settings", "enable_air_ships", true, "Enable or disable air ships.").getBoolean(true);
	useNewAlgorithm = config.get("settings", "use_iterative_assemble_algorithm", false, "New assemble algorithm implemented in v1.6.2. Allows for larger ships but is a heavier load for CPU.").getBoolean(false);
	bankingMultiplier = (float) config.get("settings", "banking_multiplier", 3d, "A multiplier for how much ships bank while making turns. Set a positive value for passive banking or a negative value for active banking. 0 disables banking.").getDouble(3d);
	shipControlType = config.get("control", "control_type", CONTROL_TYPE_ARCHIMEDES, "Set to 0 to use vanilla boat controls, set to 1 to use the new Archimedes controls.").getInt();
	turnSpeed = (float) config.get("control", "turn_speed", 1D, "A multiplier of the ship's turn speed.").getDouble(1D);
	speedLimit = (float) config.get("control", "speed_limit", 30D, "The maximum velocity a ship can have, in blocks per second. This does not affect acceleration.").getDouble(30D);
	speedLimit /= 20F;
	disassembleOnDismount = config.get("control", "decompile_on_dismount", false).getBoolean(false);
	maxShipChunkBlocks = config.get("mobile_chunk", "max_chunk_blocks", 2048, "The maximum amount of blocks that a mobile ship chunk may contain.").getInt();
	//maxShipChunkBlocks = Math.min(maxShipChunkBlocks, 3400);
	flyBalloonRatio = (float) config.get("mobile_chunk", "airship_balloon_ratio", 0.4D, "The part of the total amount of blocks that should be balloon blocks in order to make an airship.").getDouble(0.4D);
	connectDiagonalBlocks1 = config.get("mobile_chunk", "connect_diagonal_blocks_1", false, "Blocks connected diagonally on one axis will also be added to the ship if this value is set to 'true'.").getBoolean(false);
	useWhitelist = config.get("mobile_chunk", "use_whitelist", false, "Switch this property to select the block restriction list to use. 'true' for the 'allowed_blocks' whitelist, 'false' for the 'forbidden_blocks' blacklist.").getBoolean(false);
	String[] forbiddenblocks = config.get("mobile_chunk", "forbidden_blocks", blockblacklistnames, "A list of blocks that will not be added to a ship.").getStringList();
	String[] allowedblocks = config.get("mobile_chunk", "allowed_blocks", blockwhitelistnames, "A list of blocks that are allowed on a ship.").getStringList();
	String[] overwritableblocks = config.get("mobile_chunk", "overwritable_blocks", overwritableblocksnames, "A list of blocks that may be overwritten when decompiling a ship.").getStringList();
	Collections.addAll(blockBlacklist, forbiddenblocks);
	Collections.addAll(blockWhitelist, allowedblocks);
	Collections.addAll(overwritableBlocks, overwritableblocks);
	loadedBlockDensities = config.get("mobile_chunk", "block_densities", defaultBlockDensities, "A list of pairs of a block with a density value. This list overrides the 'material_densities' list.").getStringList();
	loadedMaterialDensities = config.get("mobile_chunk", "material_densities", defaultMaterialDensities, "A list of pairs of a material with a density value. The first value is the name of a block. All blocks with the same material will get this density value, unless overridden.").getStringList();
	if (FMLCommonHandler.instance().getSide().isClient())