Java Code Examples for java.util.Collections.emptyListIterator()

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Example 1
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    public void open(Map conf, TopologyContext context, SpoutOutputCollector collector) {
        initialized = false;
        this.context = context;

        // Spout internals
        this.collector = collector;
        numUncommittedOffsets = 0;

        // Offset management
        firstPollOffsetStrategy = kafkaSpoutConfig.getFirstPollOffsetStrategy();
        // with AutoCommitMode, offset will be periodically committed in the background by Kafka consumer
//        consumerAutoCommitMode = kafkaSpoutConfig.isConsumerAutoCommitMode();
        consumerAutoCommitMode = false;

        // Retries management
        retryService = kafkaSpoutConfig.getRetryService();

        if (!consumerAutoCommitMode) {     // If it is auto commit, no need to commit offsets manually
            commitTimer = new Timer(TIMER_DELAY_MS, kafkaSpoutConfig.getOffsetsCommitPeriodMs(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
        refreshSubscriptionTimer = new Timer(TIMER_DELAY_MS, kafkaSpoutConfig.getPartitionRefreshPeriodMs(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);

        acked = new HashMap<>();
        emitted = new HashSet<>();
        waitingToEmit = Collections.emptyListIterator();"Kafka Spout opened with the following configuration: {}", kafkaSpoutConfig);