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Example 1
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 * When a failure happens during certificate checking from an
 * {@link X509TrustManager}, determine what TLS alert description to use.
 * @param cexc The exception thrown by the {@link X509TrustManager}
 * @return A byte value corresponding to a TLS alert description number.
private byte getCertificateAlert(CertificateException cexc) {
    // The specific reason for the failure will determine how to
    // set the alert description value
    byte alertDesc = Alerts.alert_certificate_unknown;

    Throwable baseCause = cexc.getCause();
    if (baseCause instanceof CertPathValidatorException) {
        CertPathValidatorException cpve =
        Reason reason = cpve.getReason();
        if (reason == BasicReason.REVOKED) {
            alertDesc = staplingActive ?
                    Alerts.alert_bad_certificate_status_response :
        } else if (reason == BasicReason.UNDETERMINED_REVOCATION_STATUS) {
            alertDesc = staplingActive ?
                    Alerts.alert_bad_certificate_status_response :

    return alertDesc;