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Example 1
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 * Run the bulk assign.
 * @param sync
 *          Whether to assign synchronously.
 * @throws InterruptedException
 * @return True if done.
 * @throws IOException
public boolean bulkAssign(boolean sync) throws InterruptedException,
    IOException {
  boolean result = false;
  ThreadFactoryBuilder builder = new ThreadFactoryBuilder();
  builder.setNameFormat(getThreadNamePrefix() + "-%1$d");
  int threadCount = getThreadCount();
  java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool =
  try {
    // How long to wait on empty regions-in-transition.  If we timeout, the
    // RIT monitor should do fixup.
    if (sync) result = waitUntilDone(getTimeoutOnRIT());
  } finally {
    // We're done with the pool.  It'll exit when its done all in queue.
  return result;