Java Code Examples for backtype.storm.utils.Utils#findAndReadConfigFile()

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Example 1
Source Project: jstorm   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
protected Map<String, AclFunctionEntry> readAclFromConfig() {
    // Thread safety is mostly around _acl. If _acl needs to be updated it is changed atomically
    // More then one thread may be trying to update it at a time, but that is OK, because the
    // change is atomic
    long now = System.currentTimeMillis();
    if ((now - 5000) > _lastUpdate || _acl == null) {
        Map<String, AclFunctionEntry> acl = new HashMap<String, AclFunctionEntry>();
        Map conf = Utils.findAndReadConfigFile(_aclFileName);
        if (conf.containsKey(Config.DRPC_AUTHORIZER_ACL)) {
            Map<String, Map<String, ?>> confAcl = (Map<String, Map<String, ?>>) conf.get(Config.DRPC_AUTHORIZER_ACL);

            for (String function : confAcl.keySet()) {
                Map<String, ?> val = confAcl.get(function);
                Collection<String> clientUsers = val.containsKey(CLIENT_USERS_KEY) ? (Collection<String>) val.get(CLIENT_USERS_KEY) : null;
                String invocationUser = val.containsKey(INVOCATION_USER_KEY) ? (String) val.get(INVOCATION_USER_KEY) : null;
                acl.put(function, new AclFunctionEntry(clientUsers, invocationUser));
        } else if (!_permitWhenMissingFunctionEntry) {
            LOG.warn("Requiring explicit ACL entries, but none given. " + "Therefore, all operiations will be denied.");
        _acl = acl;
        _lastUpdate = System.currentTimeMillis();
    return _acl;
Example 2
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    TopologyBuilder builder = new TopologyBuilder();

    Options opts = new Options();
    opts.addOption("conf", true, "Path to the config file.");

    CommandLineParser parser = new DefaultParser();
    CommandLine cmd = parser.parse(opts, args);
    String configPath = cmd.getOptionValue("conf");
    Map commonConfig = Utils.findAndReadConfigFile(configPath, true);

    String zkServerHosts = joinHosts((List<String>)commonConfig.get("zookeeper.servers"),
    String redisServerHost = (String)commonConfig.get("");
    String kafkaTopic = (String)commonConfig.get("kafka.topic");
    int kafkaPartitions = ((Number)commonConfig.get("kafka.partitions")).intValue();
    int workers = ((Number)commonConfig.get("storm.workers")).intValue();
    int ackers = ((Number)commonConfig.get("storm.ackers")).intValue();
    int cores = ((Number)commonConfig.get("process.cores")).intValue();
    int parallel = Math.max(1, cores/7);

    ZkHosts hosts = new ZkHosts(zkServerHosts);

    SpoutConfig spoutConfig = new SpoutConfig(hosts, kafkaTopic, "/" + kafkaTopic, UUID.randomUUID().toString());
    spoutConfig.scheme = new SchemeAsMultiScheme(new StringScheme());
    KafkaSpout kafkaSpout = new KafkaSpout(spoutConfig);

    builder.setSpout("ads", kafkaSpout, kafkaPartitions);
    builder.setBolt("event_deserializer", new DeserializeBolt(), parallel).shuffleGrouping("ads");
    builder.setBolt("event_filter", new EventFilterBolt(), parallel).shuffleGrouping("event_deserializer");
    builder.setBolt("event_projection", new EventProjectionBolt(), parallel).shuffleGrouping("event_filter");
    builder.setBolt("redis_join", new RedisJoinBolt(redisServerHost), parallel).shuffleGrouping("event_projection");
    builder.setBolt("campaign_processor", new CampaignProcessor(redisServerHost), parallel*2)
        .fieldsGrouping("redis_join", new Fields("campaign_id"));

    Config conf = new Config();

    if (args != null && args.length > 0) {
        StormSubmitter.submitTopologyWithProgressBar(args[0], conf, builder.createTopology());
    else {

        LocalCluster cluster = new LocalCluster();
        cluster.submitTopology("test", conf, builder.createTopology());