Java Code Examples for android.view.View#setTouchDelegate()

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Example 1
Source Project: libcommon   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * コンストラクタ
 * @param parent 親View
 * @param target TouchDelegateの対象となるView
 * @param bounds 処理するタッチ領域
public ChainedTouchDelegate(@NonNull final View parent,
	final @NonNull View target, @NonNull  final Rect bounds) {
	super(bounds, target);

	mParentTouchDelegate = parent.getTouchDelegate();
Example 2
private void a(View view, View view1)
    int i1 = (int)(30F * ChartUtil.getDensity());
    Rect rect = new Rect();
    rect.left = rect.left - i1; = - i1;
    rect.right = i1 + rect.right;
    rect.bottom = i1 + rect.bottom;
    view.setTouchDelegate(new TouchDelegate(rect, view1));