Java Code Examples for android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase#isDbLockedByCurrentThread()

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Example 1
 * Completes the transaction, ending the DB transactions for all associated databases.
 * @param callerIsBatch whether this is being performed in the context of a batch operation.
 *                      If it is not, and the transaction is marked as batch, this call is
 *                      a no-op.
void finish(boolean callerIsBatch) {
	if (!mBatch || callerIsBatch) {
		for (SQLiteDatabase db : mDatabasesForTransaction) {
			// If an exception was thrown while yielding, it's possible that we no longer have
			// a lock on this database, so we need to check before attempting to end its
			// transaction. Otherwise, we should always expect to be in a transaction (and will
			// throw an exception if this is not the case).
			if (mYieldFailed && !db.isDbLockedByCurrentThread()) {
				// We no longer hold the lock, so don't do anything with this database.
		mIsDirty = false;
Example 2
Source Project: Twire   File:    License: GNU General Public License v3.0 4 votes vote down vote up
private static boolean isDbSafe(SQLiteDatabase db) {
    return db.isOpen() && !db.isReadOnly() && !db.isDbLockedByCurrentThread();
Example 3
private static boolean isDbSafe(SQLiteDatabase db) {
    return db.isOpen() && !db.isReadOnly() && !db.isDbLockedByCurrentThread();